ARUA apps

counters VS terrorists

AR-LB-MMO game (Augmented Reality - Location Based - Masive Multiplayer Online game)

innovative gameplay which takes the shooter games into the mobile world as it should: with P2P, AUGMENTED REALITY, LOCATION and REALTIME BATTLE NOTIFICATIONS for the most multiplayer interaction.

- the entire earth is the virtual map, the playground, and for example players from other continents will be very small to hit...
- no upgrades and stuff to drown into, just pure action and cool gameplay
- you are never off the game, as your character remains dormant on the map when you close the app and other nearby players can shoot you and get notified* to go into game into battle where and when the action is

get premium gameplay (no ads) just by bringing 3 facebook friends into the battle (they need to also to facebook connect in the game)

*if you didn't disabale it from your phone's settings